Revisions, Edits and Redo's... Oh My! With Robyn Rychards

This week Author Robyn Rychards talks to us about revisions and edits. Her new release is Cruising With Danger and she has a digital copy to giveaway for one commenter! 

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Over the years I've heard other writers say they are in revision hell, something I couldn't relate to because generally I don't mind the editing process. Until the book I'm working on now. Now I am in revision hell... 

All my books have gone through various forms of editing and revising, and it's always been something I don't mind tackling. My latest release, Cruising With Danger, went through a lot of changes as, initially, I wrote it as a short medical romance, then later I decided to make it a full-length romantic suspense. This involved adding some things here and taking away some things there. One of the things I've learned over the years I've been published, as well as through the many books I've written, is that no story is set in stone until it's published. Take things out, put things in, move scenes around, do whatever needs to be done to get the story the best it can be. 

Now, along the way, you'll get a lot of suggestions about what needs to go in, what needs to go out, etc., and not all of it is going to be good. Don't use every suggestion someone gives you, thinking that's what you need to do to make the story publishable. Not all input is the right input for your story, no matter how qualified the person giving it is. So my two cents worth there is, balance it out with what you know your story needs to say and go with your gut. 

Never forget, it's your story and it needs to be told the way you want to tell it.

Author Robyn Rychard's new book:

After the stress in a busy Chicago ER, Sage Brady now enjoys working as a doctor on a cruise ship. Until she temporarily takes over the position of Chief Medical Officer and learns the previous doctor was murdered. Then she discovers narcotics being smuggled through the ship’s dispensary. But it’s the hot detective assigned to the case that threatens her peace of mind most of all.

Detective Dace Langdon hates his undercover assignment as a cruise ship security guard, but it’s better than the vacation his boss suggested. Being assigned to work with the sexy Chief Medical Officer is a complication he doesn’t need.

They could be trapped on the open sea with a murderer and drug smuggler. Can they figure out what's going on without Sage becoming the next target? Will their attraction to each other complicate the investigation or lead to something lasting?

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