Revisions with Author Pippa Roscoe

We have author Pippa Roscoe talking to us about Revisions. Her debut book has just released, Conquering His Virgin Queen. 

Mills & Boon author Pippa Roscoe lives in Norfolk near her family and makes daily promises that this will be the day she will leave the computer and take a long walk in the countryside. She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t dreaming of gorgeous alpha males and misunderstood heroines. Totally her mother’s fault of course—she gave Pippa her first romance to read at the age of seven! She is inconceivably happy that she gets to share those daydreams with her readers.

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Revisions - the kindest gift you will receive as an author!

This may sound like quite a statement! Also, I’d completely understand if you’re thinking – no actually a contract would be the kindest gift an author could have! But I would (gently!) disagree.

Firstly, for an editor to see something of value in your voice, in your story telling, and to take the time to help you find a stronger pathway to a better book means that you’ve got something. You’ve got a voice that they like. And more than that, you not only a foot in the door, but also someone who will (hopefully kindly!) point you through the sometimes painful realisation that the first draft of your book is not the end of the process of getting your book out there.

As much as we’d all love to think that a story pours out of us in pure perfection, each word absolutely right, each decision or turning point for our character carefully constructed to make the best happy-ever-after, it doesn’t quite happen like that.

I know with 100% conviction that once I write ‘the end’ on my first draft, it’s not. Because while I know how I wanted my book to read, that doesn’t mean I’ve actually achieved it. But revisions will help you make that happen.

And though the revisions from your editor will never be easy, here are some tips to help you through that process:

1)   When you first receive revisions, reply to your editor immediately – without having read them! Thank your editor for sending them to you and say that you will get back to them once you’ve had a read through them. This is because, when you read them? The last thing you’ll want to do is fire off a polite email! No matter how well intentioned and how kindly they will have put their suggestion – it will hurt. And your relationship with your editor is a professional one, so be polite before the hurt gets to kick in.

2)   Take two days to think through the suggestions before you do anything. You’re going to want to start ripping into your story, you’re going to want to tear the whole thing down, and most of the time, that’s not actually what the suggestions are saying. Really they’re not. And if that is what’s needed? You’re going to need a few days just to think things through.

3)   If you do have questions about the revisions – ask. You don’t want to go down the wrong path and unpick things that don’t necessarily need it. Most editors would welcome a conversation about any thoughts you might have.

4)   Get in chocolate, crisps, arrange a chat with your closest BFF and be kind to yourself. Because it’s hard doing revisions, and you need to do whatever it takes to get you through. Me – mid revision? Unbearable. I can’t even go out to see my family. Because I can’t think of anything else, until I have them done. So once you’re in the middle of them? Ask those you need to ask for the kindness of bearing with you through this.

5)   Finally, remember that this is the hardest part about writing. Making your book even better. Which also makes it the most worthwhile bit of being a writer, and the kindest gift to you and your book that there is.
There’s not getting around that it’s painful and hard, but hopefully this will help you on your path to the best book you can write. And the feeling when you’ve nailed the revisions? Indescribably wonderful.

Conquering His Virgin Queen
Six months ago, their marriage ended…

He has twelve hours to claim her back!

Odir Farouk is about to become king—but to take his throne, he needs his errant wife by his side! Odir denied his hunger for Eloise, refusing to compromise power for passion. His rejection drove her away. Now Odir has until news of his succession breaks to win back his queen…and pleasure will be his most powerful weapon!

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